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NewView Full Version 7.7

Free Browse your system and display, print, and manage images
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Browse your system and display, print, and manage images in a wide variety of popular formats.
File conversion, screen capture, color reduction, slideshow, and animations.
Insert or update Comments which are written into your image files and display when you view each image.
There is no longer any need to rename your image files and get them all out of order.
Rotate your JPEG images without any fear of degrading their quality with easy to use lossless JPEG transforms.
Image tools such as crop, stretch, copy, paste, brightness, and "red eye" correction are also included.
Easily convert between WMF and EMF formats, and write comments to EMF files.
All of this is clearly explained and illustrated in the HELP file.
Images of the following formats are supported: Windows', OS/2, and OS/2 2.x bitmaps (.BMP, .DIB, .RLE), GIF,
animated GIF, IFF, JBIG (.JBG), JPEG (.JPG), JPEG 2000 (.JP2, .J2K), LBM, Portable Bitmap (.PBM, .PGM, .PNM, .PGM),
PCX, PNG, RAS, SUN, TIFF (.TIF), Targa (.TGA), Windows' metafiles (.WMF, .EMF), Windows' icons and
cursors (.ICO, .CUR, .ANI). Animated GIF images and animated cursors are automatically displayed in animation.
Limited multimedia file capabilities are also provided.
While "full color" or "high color" display settings are recommended, 256 color and 16 color
displays are supported. Requires Windows 95, 98, or higher.

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